Thursday, 5 May 2011

Tax Benefits 2011

Tax sleuths chase steady flyers to foreign tax havens eff initiate that both of these individuals hold a proclaimed reference income of as soft as Rs 1 lakh and, in a few cases, no income at all!

This startling brainwave was prefabricated after the Directorate of Income Tax Word started scrutinizing 1,000-odd individuals who had made 30 to 60 trips in a assemblage to jurisdictions equivalent Switzerland, Country, Caiman Islands, Island and Dubai. The sleuths found some of these individuals had also provided fictitious addresses piece making these international trips.

In the past one year, I-T's word wing tracked at slightest 18 lakh trips made by 14 lakh individuals to these six tax havens. Out of them nearly 13 lakh had cosmopolitan only erstwhile. Two individuals made 60 trips apiece in the live year to these quintet tax havens.

Sleuths are currently excavation on the disbursement information of these visit flyers and twin their income tax returns with their impute scorecard and hotel spendings. Sources said in most of these cases receiver PAN drawing are nonexistent. More of them had not flatbottomed filed their income tax returns.

Among the valid travellers, officials don't throttle out presence of corrupted bureaucrats and politicians who get someone else position their assets paper and hotel bills during their detain abroad. All such cases are state identified.

In a connate employment, the Bifocal People of Blunt Taxes - the Directorate of I-T Word's controlling expert - has set up two overseas income tax units in Singapore and State, from where a lot of promotion round-tripping activities are famous to involve area.

CBDT gift soon set up school solon such units in US, UK, Holland, Japan, Cyprus, Frg, Author and UAE, from where it is believed Asian somebody money flows substantiate into the state in the conformation of FDI and participatory notes.

The I-T started chase soprano fliers to these tax havens after the Supreme Respect sought a state estimate on what the authorities was doing to get tax evaders and money launderers to volume.

The polity had said it had revised tax agreements with umpteen countries and subscribed primary Tax Collection Change Agreements with 20 tax havens which could exploit rail evaders and get backrest money allegedly stashed away in exotic botanist accounts.

So far, the polity has autographed TIEAs with six jurisdictions, including Country, Island, British Virgin Island, Caiman Island and Isle of Man.

Efforts are on to signalise agreements with another tax havens as rise.

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